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ZhiZhu Super Clear 10x52mm Two-tone fixed focus Ultra HD Telescope

The ZhiZhu Super Clear Telescope Optics Zoom Monocular is a terrific Telescope or more like a Monoscope. It's a little different than the picture, but still a nice quality product! It is very easy to focus and adjust the zoom right from the side you look through,  there are two rubber sections, by the eye viewing end and the center, which is able to be moved right or left to focus on the object you want too. It has a nice clear lens that doesn't fog up or end up wet and hard to view through since it has a special lens/mirror that prevents it. That is something I really do like about this Monoscope/Telescope because it keeps your images you want to look at clear through many types of weather.

Features I love about the Two-tone Ultra HD Telescope by ZhiZhu:

  • Lens/Mirror- Clear images from close up and to the farthest it can telescope.
  • Size - Fits in my hand and easy to travel with. 
  • Multi-Useful - You can easily use it for golfing, fishing, hunting, bird watching, or just any occasion. It really is great no matter day or night and no matter the weather.
  • Portable - Super easy to travel with and take along any place, since it includes a bag to carry it along with you. However, you can easily store it in a bag or any thing you would like to place it in. Very small and light weight.

Eye Viewing Side
Large lens on the opposite side, to view the image your looking at.
Finally, this is a great Telescope, very easy to use and has a crystal clear viewing through even the most rainiest days! However, I find I love it best during a sunny day and trying to spot so many new birds that are coming back from migrating.

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