Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ZhiZhu Bluetooth V3.0 Hands-Free Digital LCD Watch with Build in Microphone Speaker

The ZhiZhu BlueTooth Digital LCD Watch is very nicely designed and can be used as a phone! your able to actually take calls and even end them with just the watch.

There is a microphone that allows you to easily speak to the person, when answering a call. You can see the LCD Screen that will display the number of the person who is calling. However, the watch acts also as a speaker, so you can use the Bluetooth ability and listen to any type of music from your phone as well.  It's like a fashionable watch, Bluetooth Speaker and Phone in one!  A simple smart watch that charges with a USB cord, no batteries needed!

This is an excellent device, very easy to use and love the large display on the LCD square size screen. Day or Night, you'll see exactly what is being shown on the watch.

I love it, found it to be very helpful and easy to pair to my smart phone and can use it daily as a regular watch.

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