Wednesday, May 20, 2015

ZhiZhu® 9 Programmable Buttons, up to 6000 DPI, Colorful USB Wired Gaming Gamer Mouse

I really needed a new Mouse and the ZhiZhu is so awesome, not only in design but it's performance. I actually enjoy the corded mouse even more, since I don't misplace or can easily plug and play. There is nothing more fun than enjoying a easy to adjust DPI when playing a game on the PC.

Here are my favorite features of the ZhiZhu 9 Programmable Button Mouse:

  • DPI Speed- Adjust from 1000 - 2500 easily, and even get up to the 6000 with the software included.
  • Colors - The mouse can change from 5 colors, through the detailed design on top. It actually looks nice in the dark and is very bright. This usually happens when your using the mouse, but can easily turn it off.
  • Senstive - I love how it can detect the movement instantly, no slow or hard to push buttons on this mouse.
  • Design - Very nice shape to this mouse, easy to handle. I love the comfort I get with the curved shape and the size is also perfect.
  • Easy To Use - Very easy to install and begin enjoying. You have the choice of programming the 9 buttons and setting the DPI, but other than that it is really a piece of cake to begin using.

Finally - It's just a very nice gaming mouse and can be used for work as well. The speed helps you get things faster and ready to take action while in game play.
Very nice!

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