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WOLSEN 2.5" LCD Portable Game Console Speaker (Blue + White) 152 in 1 Games

The WOLSEN 2.5" LCD Portable Game Console is a great on the go game console as well as a leisure entertainment system. I am a huge fan of the classic games and this console has a few of the classics and even some new ones like Plant vs Monsters. However, I know I can never turn down the fun and adventurous games like Mario, Batman, Spiderman. Super Contra, and so much more!

Here are my reasons, why I love the WOLSEN Portable Game Console:
  • Size - Easy to hold and makes for a perfect on the go and travel gaming system. 
  • Power Supply - Triple "A" Batteries are easy to find and don't cost as much as smaller cell type. Plus, no worries of wires needed to charge if your out on the road or near no outlet.
  • Clarity Of The Screen - It's easy to see the entire game, without any dim or faded pixels. The system has a crystal clear viewing and the light in the back is illumiated perfectly allowing for a wonderful game play.
  • Sound - You have the sound of a CD, perfectly clear no funky vibrations or noises picked up while in game play. There is also the option of a high and low volume to adjust from.
  • 152 Games - Your getting all classic and newer games in just one device. I can bring back memories of Mario and Popeye, plus enjoy newer and never played games. So the fun never ends! 
  • For Everyone - From Adults to Children of any age, it's just a game system you'll fall in love with! There is something for everyone in this system.

Finally this is a very well created game system, makes for a fun entertainment system and brings back the classics for everyone in your family or friends would love to play.

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