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USPRO Playstation 2, 3, and PC/PS3 Controllers Review

Below I have three controllers for your Playstation 2, 3 and PC/PS3 systems. These are all well made and great replica of the ones you get in the box with the device. All by the company known as USPRO and perfect for those who want to have a second controller to play with friends/family or replace an old one for a new one.

The USPRO PS2 Wired Controllers are the perfect just like the one the system comes with! There is nothing different or off about this controller, and they work great too!

I love when you can find a inexpensive buy for a classic game system. However, I have to say the wired cords are nice and long in length. Not super short so you don't have to sit so close to the TV, instead lay far back in bed or on the couch and play on!

Features I love
  • Design - Exact of the traditional handheld PS2 controller and very well built. No problems with the keys for pressing and moving the character or even using the analog button to turn them on. Every part that needs to light up, like the analog button does and each buttons works perfectly!
  • Size - Exact size for a PS2 and easy to hold without discomfort by the angle and style of the controller.
  • Inexpensive - Perfect for collectors and those who enjoy the older systems. This is a great deal for a high quality product under 10 dollars.
  • Fun - Everyone will enjoy these, best to have when you need a second player. 
Finally, great controller without any flaws! Highly Recommend the USPRO PS2 Controller!

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The USPRO PS3 Bluetooth PS3 Controller is very nicely designed and comes in many colors! I have the pink as I love pink and next to the black system, it very much sticks out!
However, this is actually a perfect addition to my system, giving me that second controller to play with another.

Features I love about the USPRO PS3 Bluetooth Controller:

  • Design - Similar to my original one, but in color! Works great and doesn't have any problem some buttons/keys when pressed or used during game play. Easy to setup, comfortable to hold, and Bluetooth, which gives me room to go a distance and play with it on my PS3.
  • Installation - Easy just plug and charge, than play.
  • Fun - Extra controller to play against a family member or friend, always makes gaming so much more fun!
Finally, love the size and shape, as it's similar to the traditional just a different color. However, this is an excellent purchase and very inexpensive.

Just Perfect!

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The USPRO® BETOP Game Controller Gamepad is perfect for enjoying games on the PC as well as PS3. I love that I can use it for both and don't mind that it's wired. The entire size of the controller is perfect for comfort handling and feels like any normal controller you'd use on a game system. The white buttons, black analog and direction buttons/keys are perfect compliment to the white controller.

Features I love:
  • Easy To Setup - For the PS3 it's really just plug and play like a regular controller and for the PC it's as simple as setting each button to each key and play it as you would any real game controller. This even works for the Smart TV Box for TVs.
  • Wired - Easy to have everything right with you, so you can never misplace the receiver, charge it with a cord or buy batteries. Also, the length is a good amount for a computer, sine you really don't need to be too far from your computer to play.
  • Shape - the controller is very much well made and the sides have a comfort grip, which is excellent for those who play long. I love the angles and the thickness for gripping.
  • Fun - Perfect gaming addition to anyone with PC or PS3 :)

Finally, this is just a fun product to have and enjoy daily. I can see in now way this breaking down anytime soon, very well made!

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