Friday, May 1, 2015

The Unique Litup Mini LED Tattoo Drawing Animation Tracing Board Light Box

I think the Unique Litup Mini LED Light Box is just perfect for me. I mean There is so many reasons to use a Light Box and can be even fun for kids to trace their favorite characters or practice Letters and Numbers. However, it's even better to have a nice and good quality light box as well! Many are to bulky and need a light bulb change after awhile. Plus some have spots where it's dim, while the center is more illuminated than the entire board.

However, when I use this LED Box for tracing, coping my own images and others from books, magazine, and even photos, I feel I get a perfect view of the entire photo and paper the size of a standard page  you print from the printer. It is easy to see from edge to edge without having difficulty. The light is bright enough to catch all detailing and angles of a photo or page. I haven't had or used one that could be so light weight and work so well as the Unique Litbox.

Reasons why I love the Unique Litup Mini LED Light Box:

  • Design and Size - Small is always useful, when you have small images and not enough room to work on a huge light box. This is like owning a pad, how thin it is. The light box really has no weight at all, you can pick it up and move it or have it on your lap, without it feeling hot or too heavy after awhile. The black and white design around this pad gives it a new and unique style, but one I'm loving! It takes an ordinary light box and frames it, to look like a more interesting and almost like a picture frame. There is still the nice measurement guidelines inside on the left and upper part of this light box, as many will include. However, for nice detailing and size your still getting enough space and room to work with regular size paper or like computer paper.
  • Easy To Use - No difficulty to this Light Box or Light Pad, it's just a plug in and begin tracing. Since, this runs on a USB cord, you could get a adapter or just use what I use most often my computer, which I sit near all the time or a External Batter even Solar ones would work. So your never without power and you can continue to travel, relax outdoors, or go anyplace with the light box.
  • Portable - It's very light weight, thin and easily stores with it's USB power cord.
  • LED Light - No more buying light bulbs as this will last you for a long time, and the light itself is bright enough to illuminate the entire working area evenly. I love that it doesn't flicker or cause irritation to my eyes. 
Just put the USB Cord into the device and it lights up instantly, with no buttons to press!

Finally, I think if I'm going to want a lasting device that doesn't fade over time, that won't cost more after purchase, and can travel with me rather than only be used inside in a wall outlet, than this is the one that I consider the WINNER in my opinion. 

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