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DEATH WINGS Audio Professional Condenser Microphone Studio Sound Recording W/ Shock Mount

I have been having a hard time with my computer lately, and my microphone was one of the biggest issues! So thanks to the DEATH WINGS Audio Professional Condenser Mic, I'm able to have perfect clarity in volume and sound. The microphone comes with it's own tripod, giving perfect angle and allowing you to not have to slouch down or even hold the mic to get your voice heard.

My favorite reasons for enjoying this device:

  • Easy Set Up - The parts are the mic, the power connecting cord for the mic to the 3.5mm port and the tripod. All you do is put those three together, simple and now you have here a simple plug into your 3.5mm mic port and start speaking. No extra things to download, it's basically an additional attachment to improve the volume and capture your voice without any interruptions.
  • Fits Many Devices - The 3.5 will fit plenty of Laptops and Pc's of all types because most ports are 3.5mm, which is normally all the brands and types I've been using. I actually never seen or found one in a smaller size. 
  • Flexible/Positioning - The tripod, where you can mount on the mic is easily able to be moved to a straight up style or the comfortable angled position. This allows you to reach without actually moving your head and still it will capture your entire voice and sound with perfection. Of course, you don't have to use the tripod and you could hod it yourself, but it may be difficult with the lack of handle and if your doing a long recording, than it may be best to use the mount and fold the legs in so you have like a longer handle to hold.
  • Mic Size - the size of the mic is perfect for me, and doesn't take up too much space. I don't have enough room on my desk to use a large mic or a tripod that will take up too much space. Perfect, for what I need it for! Plus gives me the same voice and sound recordings I need.
  • Design and Quality - The mic is actually very well made, not cheap looking or wimpy. It actually can take strong hands to hold or light ones, but if you ever got a product that could break easily if you hold it, even if it's not super hard. Well than, that is something you won't have a problem with, when using this device. It's designed to be and look professional, nothing cheap in the quality here! Sound comes out crystal clear

Simple attaching the pieces to each other, than plug and ready to use!
in playback, canceling out volume problems. Plus, the design is like a real mic you would see a professional to use, for your desk or by PC. It has a nice sleek black look, simple attachments to set up and the light weight tripod allows for a portable and easy to maneuver design. 

Finally, this is a terrific microphone, better than a mini one I use to own and does fit my PC perfectly! I can use it with all of my computers and probably a few other devices. However, what I needed this product for is what I'm happy to report it works wonders for! I am glad to have found the DEATH WINGS Audio Professional Condenser Microphone and highly recommend this product to those who had similar issues with their computer and need away to get perfect volume control and sound without noise interfering in your recordings.

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