Saturday, May 2

Solilor Women's Sweetheart Dot Corset Overbust Boned Lace Up

The Solilor Women's Sweetheart Dot Corset Overbust is a beautiful corset, which I love to wear on top of a shirt or alone during the warm weather, with a pair of jeans or skirt. I love the polka dots and the white and black, which work with many colors. I think for a corset, this fits perfectly, as it should. 

Reasons I love this Corset:
  • On/Off - You can easily slip this on and off, without a problem.
  • Additional Support and Body Smoothing - The Corset adds a smoother appearance to your body, while the top helps add support to the back and chest.
  • Design - love the design as it only helps perfect the body, but gives you a style all your own, since not many are using these often. You can make them look great in so many ways, and make it a new trendy style. I love trying to change my look and making something that isn't big and making it look fashionable.
  • Comfort - Very comfortable and gives you more of that feel strong and approach others like your in charge feeling. I always feel stronger and confident with a corset on.

Finally, it's a perfect product and true to size. You know it needs to feel a little more tighter because it is keeping your body tucked perfectly, so go for your right size and benefit from the perfect smooth body you want.  Just think, it's a style and a body trainer in one!

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