Wednesday, May 20

SixKiss Women Clothing Review

Below I have a variety of beautiful clothes from a company known as SixKissThese are a few of my favorites, but they have so many so if your interested in some beautiful new styles and a place to find them, come check out SixKiss.

This is a lovely striped Kimono, as it's colors really catch my eyes! I love the pinks and detailed shape patterns on this Kimono. The simple Kimono is a perfect fit and pretty much can go on top of many different articles of clothing.

I can wear it with a pair of shorts/jeans and a t-shirt/shirt as this works either way. The best part is this works for all seasons and very much my favorite color! I love the detailing, the fit is perfect for me and it's not heavy, but light weight.

Excellent product!

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This is a very pretty dress, with a long flowing bottom. I love that it's not your typical black dress, but a dress with a beige lace style that almost reminds me of a long skirt. The stripes from the black and lace beige is just gorgeous and adds a special look to a simple long dress.
I feel very free and comfortable wearing this dress, not only good for a party, but perfect for a day out shopping or going to a theater or play.

Very stylish and I so much love the flowing bottom and nice fit!

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The Sleeveless Backless Halter is so gorgeous! I love halter tops, when I can have nothing on my arms and feel free to move them. This dress is perfect for any occasions and very stylish with the layered, flared bottom. The black pieces really help bring out the detailing, while the white is a perfect color for many occasions and can go with any piece of jewelry you wear.

I love ho easy this dress is to put on and how it just works with thick/thin or long/short pieces of jewelry and shoes. I enjoy the fit as it is perfect, not too short and not too long. The size fits around me and so much more space to breath with the backless halter top. I think I'm falling more in love, daily with the layered, flowing dresses lately and this one is just gorgeous!

Either, if your going for sexy or just casual, this dress can be both!

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