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Silicone Brush and Shower Squeegee by ElectroSilk

Below are two great cleaning tools to make your home dust,hair, and dirt free!

The Silicone Brush is a perfect product to clean floors, like tile and carpet and other things like furniture, walls, bathrooms, and more!

I love that it's so easy to use and that I can easily clean it off with some water and go back to work. No more, dust in my house, thanks to this product! I have always had an issue with
a nasty like thick dust pile up on the ceiling and walls. After, one day of cleaning it gets as dusty and hairy like in 2 days. Plus, I don't have great ventilation in this house, so it just gets worse and so tiring to clean and clean.

However, without having to pull out all the cleaning items or use of multiple items. I can easily take this brush out and clean the dog hair off the floor, which results into another dog by the time I brush up all the hair and from the silicone bristle like part I can easily grab the dust down the walls and on the furniture fast! I feel like every time I use this brush I am spending less time cleaning and more time with my family and doing things for myself.

This is like the best creation for the house or car, and it's the first product that made me feel so much better to use and clean with in my home!

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The Silicone Squeegee is so different than an actual rubber one my mom has. Instead, it's so much easier to clean the walls and tile in the bathroom. It really does a great job cleaning out the homemade scrubs and dirt on the bathroom and shower floor. I end up spending less time on my knees scrubbing the floor and walls with this well designed Silicone Squeegee.

I actually love how it's shaped like a whale, makes the perfect fit for the hand and comfortable too. Most regular rubber squeegee, which ruin after time and are always shaped like a regular brush handle with squeegee on the end, never felt as comfortable to hold for a long time. The design of this brush actually gives you a better grip and helps cut the time of cleaning down because of the angled design. I mean by this is that your hand and wrist are able to go full strength sliding the brush across the area your cleaning, while the angle of the Silicone Squeegee is perfect for getting s nice straight and even swipe, picking up all the dirt and hair.

Finally, this is something that will last long and stay in the home a lot longer, without the fear of breaking easily. Unlike a rubber squeegee, this product seems to be well made for use and won't break up after awhile.

Awesome creation! 
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