Friday, May 15

Shinejun Nail Drill Professional Mini Type Electric Nail Drill

The Shinejun Nail Drill is a beautiful tool to own! I love the quality it puts out as a real professional nail salon device, but for your home!

Features I love about the Shinejun Nail Drill:
  • Color - Choose your favorite they supply so many, I love the purple!
  • Size - Small and very handy to use in the home as well as store. It's perfect even for home businesses and just doing friends and family member nails.
  • Easy To Use - Just turn it on and choose which way you prefer, forward or reverse. It's perfect for fake nails as well as real and the knob allows you to switch from a 0 to 20,000 RPM's easily!
  • Includes Everything - You can begin once it enters the home. Nothing else needed, which is wonderful!
  • Quality - Quality of this product is excellent, puts out enough power to fix your nails as you would get at a salon and safe to use. The machine is very much built to last!

Finally, I really enjoy this product and it comes in such a nice color! Plus the many extra bits really do wonders for the entire finger. 
Highly recommend it!

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