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Retseliney Premium Organic Advanced Retinol Moisturizer and Peptide for face and neck firming cream

Two wonderful products for your face by Reseliney!

The Advanced product is like a Professional Trainer, working your skin into shape! I really love the effect it has on my skin, by reducing any chance of acne, keeping my skin soft and smooth, and hydrated. I feel after using a cleanser, that I could just put this product on and have a long day worth of hydrated and healthy skin. 

When you can find a product full of Vitamins and healthy plant fats that keep your skin looking youthful, than I'd buy it! Plus, if it's safe and no toxic chemicals, than that's also a big plus!I love the Retseliney Advanced Retinol Moisturizer, it has so much good ingredients and a high dose of concentrated Retinol at 2.5%. I think if you shoot for the best ingredients, with a high dose of what the skin really needs than your going to get the best results. Therefore, Retseliney Premium Organic Advanced Retinol Moisturizer is my favorite pick for beautiful and healthy skin, all day and everyday!

Totally worth having in your home!

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Very potent and extremely wonderful! My face has been drinking this stuff up every day since I got the bottle. It's very nice for repairing my skin from deep in the cells and end up changing/transforming my face to look glowing, smooth, and youthful! I can feel a tight pull around my neck and face after every use. I can totally see a difference and feel like my skin has gotten firmer and tighter faster than most products can provide.

I think from the first day, I could feel the tight pull on my skin. Almost feels like I had a non-surgical face-lift. It really does feel great, why I am using it daily!  Major reasons I love this product is that it has really nice mix of ingredients, that are great for the skin and has no unsafe ingredients in this mix.

Few of them:

  • Jojoba - Soften the skin, keeps it moisturized
  • Vitamin C - Adds a lovely glow, and lightens the skin
  • Vitamin E - Great repair to the skin 
  • Hyaluronic Acid - Add hydration to your skin and keeps it plump and reduces the wrinkles you get from dry, dehydrated skin
  • Plus many more!
Very nice product, I love it!

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