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Retseliney Best Professional Vegan Organic Vitamin C Facial Cleanser & Night Cream

This is a terrific product! my face feels refreshed and very clean after every use. I sometimes wash my face with this twice a day, morning and night. The product gives me a deep clean and removes all the dirt and grease from my face.

Perfect way to wake up in the morning with a splash of Vitamin C, plus the smell helps as well! It really does a great deal of repair to my skin and that makes me happy to know that I'm using something healthy and good for my face. I think I'm a huge fan of Vitamin C products and Retseliney is a nice Vegan product that is just perfect for my skin. 

What I have learned with Vitamin C is that you can benefit from new collagen, bring back the elastin in the skin, reduce wrinkles and improve your skin from sun damage. 

Finally, this is an excellent product and I really love the size. Works perfectly!

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The Vitamin C Night Cream is nice and rich, perfect for bedtime. I like to apply it right before bed and let the product do it's job! The Vitamin C Night Cream by Retseliney is very refreshing once applied to the skin. This product is my favorite because it helps improve sun damage, wrinkles, and helps rebuild collagen, something that is hard when you age.
However, the major thing that is my favorite is that it's Vegan, no animal products or chemicals that will harm the skin is included!

It's hard to find a good product, that really is good for your skin and safe for long term use. Many products are made with chemicals and products that can cause problems down the line or make you look worse. So I rather use a night cream for long term benefits (BEAUTIFUL SKIN) verse using something that only repairs for the day and after awhile makes your skin look worse off than it was when you began using it.

Therefore, this is a terrific cream and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a way to turn back time and benefit from healthy dose of Vitamin C daily!

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