Friday, May 29

Rbenxia 925 Silver Sterling Silver Solid Bracelet

The Rbenxia 925 Silver Sterling Silver Solid Bracelet  is a nice size for Sterling Silver and fits perfectly. The closure is what I adore the most with the flower that keeps it together and the huge rope style loop that goes over it. The entire thing is printed with the 925 Sterling Silver mark, so it's 100% the real thing!

Features I love:
  • The Flower Closure - Unlike any bracelet I've seen before. However, it's so beautiful and very nice with the layered petals.
  • Sterling Silver - Goes well with many different outfits and looks great on any arm. 
  • Easy To Put On or Take Off - No clasps or strange closures that take forever to put on by yourself. Instead, it's an easy slide on or you can actually remove the loop from the flower and put it on.
  • Affordable - Very inexpensive and affordable to purchase for a gift or to get for yourself.
Finally, very elegant and such a nice piece for any time of day or night. I love it and so does my family/friends. 

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