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Professional Blow Dryer from BST3200

The Professional Blow Dryer from BST3200 is a wonderful dryer that doesn't only dry the hair, but has a nice guided airflow control. So instead of just drying the entire head you can actually use a brush or roller and do you hair straight, curled or any way while using the dryer. The Ionic element allows you to get a faster dry, but a healthier shine and reduction of frizz.

I actually prefer showering and blow drying than letting my hair dry naturally, it makes my hair look less messy and frizzy.

Features I love about the Professional Blow Dryer:

  • Professional Design - Not the cheap buy here! It's made to be used at home or in a salon. The Blow dryer has the many choices of heat setting and as well as speed. You have that nice shaped nozzle, allowing you direct heat/airflow to a certain area as well as the entire head.
  • Your also able to hold the blow dryer and not end up with a tired hand or pain after awhile. The handle is very well made to give you a nice grip and balance the head, so the weight isn't really acting like too much for a long time drying. This really can take on multiple heads at a time, which is also 
  • a great reason I love this Blow Dryer. 
  • Ionic - Always one thing I want when choosing a blow dryer. Main reason, beautiful hair with every use thanks to the ionic injector. Just imagine less frizz, healthy shine and less damage to the hair. Plus it drys the hair a lot faster, which means less need to use it for a long time!
  • Cord - The 14 feet Long Cord is a pleasant thing to include with this tool. I mean I don't really enjoy sitting near an outlet, to dry my hair. I actually can travel with this and be across the room while drying my hair. 
  • AC Motor - Longer lasting is something that I like about this product, which means less chances need to run out to get another one fast/soon.
Flexible Cord
Long Thick Cord 
Air Inlet Filter

Nozzles 2 types for concentrating air flow 

Finally, the results are the major reason I love this Blow Dryer. It's not only keeping my hair curly and healthy with a shine, but I can get very nice straight hair and waves when using the blow dryer. However, it's the drying and the airflow that I benefit from with the dryer.

Any style I do, is all thanks to this Blow Dryer. Therefore, I highly recommend this to anyone interested or in need for one, job or home purposes.

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