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PraxxisPro Basilleus Executive Desk Stapler + Aria Mini Floral Print Staplers

Below, there are two PraxxisPro staplers, mini and large for offices and professional offices. 

I think that having a great stapler means more than using one that doesn't even get a staple through a few pages. therefore, the product by PraxxisPro, the Basilleus Desk Stapler is really something! I am proud to say, I tested it through a bunch of pages I had to type up, about 30 and had no problems. I do think that if I did 40 it would of been fine as well, and possibly soon will do so!

Features I love about this Basilleus Desk Stapler by PraxxisPro:
  • Size - Very nice in size, that it can make it comfortable for you to press down and put a staple into multiple pages, without to much pressure. I think the length is close to 6 inches.
  • Design - Very sleek style, with goes well for any home or office. I love that the top is very smooth and comfortable to press on, while the bottom stands tall and sturdy. I find I love to use it in the air and staple the pages, but you can always use it as a desk stapler.
  • Color - Very neutral for office and home, but has a nice style that makes it look like it deserves to be placed on a desk to be seen.
  • Easy installing of Staples - Staples are simple to install in this device and pretty much makes it great for anyone to use.
Silver button on the back, opens the staple holder.

Finally, I love the design, style and ease of use! I would highly recommend this to anyone, very nice Stapler.

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The Mini stapler Set is a really adorable and still high quality set! I love that they work really well placing a staple through multiple sheets of paper and even have that built in remover. This is actually a really nice gift to someone or just fun to have in any home or office. 
Definitely don't let the size fool you, because they really do a wonderful job!

Features I love:

  • Design - The floral print is excellent, but what I love is that it has a staple remover built in. Also, the size is perfect for small hands and easy to handle in large hands as well. 
  • Easy Installation of Staples - Not difficult to place the staples into the stapler 
  • Comfortable To Handle - Very easy to handle and doesn't cause stress to your hand to press down on them.
  • New Approach To Staplers - Instead of your same mini stapler, which could be cheap or not as great for getting so many pages in one. I am very pleased how these can go through so many pages, 18 tops and not have a problem with jamming. 
  • Included Staples - You really can use right from the box, as staples come included!

Finally, for a gift, or just for your home/office this is just excellent and so beautiful! I am very pleased and enjoy the look to these staplers, very well worth the price for it's quality and style.

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