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Pencil Sharpener - Electric & Battery Operated by OfficeGoods + Stainless Steel Scissors 3PC Set

The Pencil Sharpener by OfficeGoods is a really nice and high quality Sharpener! I love that you have the choice of sharpness to your pencil/colored pencils. The Sharp is my favorite way to get the smallest sketched detailed on the page done perfectly. However,
each does a great job to perfect the perfect shape I need to write or draw.

Features I love about the Pencil Sharpener by OfficeGoods:
  • Design - Very easy to use, coming with a charging cord and batteries if you want to take it with you. The ability to adjust sharpness by the button on the side, is awesome. I never seen or knew there was such a thing. Also, very easy to handle in the hands and not very heavy, even with batteries.
  • Size - The size is a perfect small rectangular shape, with smooth, curved roundness to the edges. I love how compact it is, perfect for traveling or going outdoors with.
  • Electric/Battery - Love that you can power it up two ways! Batteries for portability is an excellent thing, but for the ability to use it without and plug it in, Love that as well! So if your house has no power, you can still battery charge this sharpener and continue to draw :). Only takes 4 double A batteries, which is a decent amount for the power it supplies to sharpen your pencil. The USB Cord is the way you can charge it, but add an adapter and make into an outlet charger instantly!
  • Sound - Quiet and less of a grinding noise, when in use. Perfect for teachers and use at home. 
  • Safe To Use - Perfect for everyone from adults to kids. This is a perfect Pencil Sharpener, with no dangerous parts that could be detected with touching it and too hard to get your fingers down the small pencil hole. So I think with kids it's perfect to have in a class room, play room or art room. 
  • Fast - Speed is a good thing when it comes to sharpening and if your taking a test, doing homework, or any work, this is a perfect device to own for a fast, quiet and reliable sharpen every time! No more broken off points, just perfect smooth edges and choice of sharpness every time.

Finally, this sure beats the one I got from Staples, I can totally see why this got 5 stars from everyone!

Excellent Pencil Sharpener, loving the choices in sharpness and quality of this product!

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Scissor Set - 3 Different Size Scissors by OfficeGoods

I also have a second item they have sent me for my review. The 3PC Scissor Set is one product I really could use, since my others are all dull and have broken.

The 3PC Scissors Set is a nice set of 3 different size scissors, each with a different angle and shape to them. The length of the large is perfect for big projects and slanted, which puts ease on your hand while cutting paper. The other two are perfect for smaller and medium size or detailed cutting. However, each are easy to open and use. 

I had no struggle opening the scissors or discomfort when using them to cut some thick pieces of card stock paper for scrap-booking.  

Finally, I would say these are wonderful to have  and are going to be used often in my home!

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