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Nova Microdermabrasion Diamond Microdermabrasion Vacuum Spray Beauty Machine with Cotton Filters

The Nova Microdermabrasion Diamond Vacuum Spray Beauty Machine is quite an excellent product! This is the perfect professional tool to revitalize the skin. It actually is used not only on the face, but the body as well and removes the dead layer of skin that covers your healthy beautiful youthful skin below. However, it does more than just remove dead skin cells, but also helps with dark spots, stretch marks, wrinkles, acne and so many more skin concerns.

What I love about the Novo Microdermabrasion Diamond Machine:

  • Professional Machine - This is a high quality machine, very well made and actually what you'll find in a professional office, but the size is perfect for your home. This machine gives you an exfoliation, cleaning/vacuuming of the pores and dead skin cells you just removed and you can have it spray a light mist of water on your skin afterwards, which is very cooling and feels great after the removal process.
  • Size - Portable and able to be used in your home or office of business. 
  • Everything Included - You have exactly everything needed to use the machine. 
    • Machine - The source where you can adjust the level of power from the Wands and 
    • 3 Wands - Used to hold the Diamond Tips
    • 3 Suction Pieces - They will act as a vacuum, cleaning out the pores
    • Diamond Tips - Depends on skin type like sensitive, normal and course
    • Cotton Filters - Used to catch everything that is removed from the skin.
    • Power and Other cords - These are what is needed to turn the device on and use to connect the tools to the machine.
  • Design - The system is very well put together and you can easily grab every tool or piece you want on the side stand/tray, which is connected to the machine. The buttons are right on top of this white machine and easily able to be adjusted to your liking. The entire system is suitable for any table and can easily travel with you.

Everything included
Suction Cups, used to vacuum the pores, different shapes to get around hard to reach areas
Filters to keep the machine running smoothly and prevent damage or anything getting caught in the machine.
The Wands, which you hold and add the Diamond Tips on too
9 Tips used for certain areas of the body
The difference between a regular Microdermabrasion Machine verse the Diamond is that there is Diamonds on the tip of the tool, which gives you that nice exfoliation. Now while using this device I notice it does give you a good vacuum like suction of the debris, dead skin and anything else that it can remove from your pores or on the top layer of your skin that you just exfoliated. I find it to be a very nice and healthy way to reveal your youthful and new skin naturally. Plus, afterwards you can apply a serum or lotion for better absorption. 

Therefore, I find it's not to hard to work the machine by yourself and can be very easy to understand and learn quickly. The tip I would give is to always start off slow and make sure to choose the tip that is perfectly suitable for your skin type. You may have some redness and dryness after use, which is normal because your removing a layer of skin from your face and revealing the healthy skin from underneath, so make sure to apply a cream or lotion on top to hydrate and soothe your skin and allow it to absorb the benefits your product may provide. 

Finally, I'd like to say that this is an excellent machine, very well made and does improve your skin. Also, I would highly recommend this brand because I feel it has a good enough suction, perfect set of Diamond Tips and after a first time use, I noticed a complete change from the feeling and look of my skin. So it's well worth the purchase!

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