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MCOCEAN 33 in 1 GoPro Accessories Set

The MCOcEAN 33 in 1 GoPro Set Is a nice set of 33 pieces and I am very glad to have had a chance to try it! The set is perfectly designed and made durable to last long.
I notice no flaws in the construction, everything stayed in place with use. I think many products are sold similar, but the construction of the mounts and harnesses tend to be
a bit faulty and not super great for the camera. However, this MCOCEAN 33 Set is perfect!

I made sure to open each mount and testing my Camera to each piece, checking it's durability. So far, my results came out clear of any faulty or loose bolt. Everything stayed in place during movement while in my car, using the suction mount. The mounts and adhesives for the helmet and the harness around the body. They definitely made each piece perfectly for the GoPro and even fits my SJ4000 Camera as well.

Feature's I love about this MCOCEAN 33 in 1 Set:

  • 33 in 1 - More reasons to love your GoPro Camera or SJ4000! I can now video record from the outside of my car, while in my car, on the road skating or biking and even just walking. It doesn't really matter because if you can do it, than this set pretty much covers everything you could do to record a shot.
  • Monopod - Telescope to the farthest it can go and be able to capture a portrait/landscape shot with you in it! or even use it to capture a shot from a distance, could act like an extension pole. 
  • Straps and Harnesses - You get both body and head harness, which is very useful. They both fit perfectly around an average size body ( pretty much adjustable so it could fit many body sizes) The comfort is very nice, they don't cause pain or pinch your head or body while moving or holding your camera on it. The camera by the way, does stay very well onto the device and is easy to take off and put on. The extra Straps are perfect for the arm as it fits around and adjusts to fit you. 
  • Case - very nice sturdy case, keeps your camera and additional mounts that you store init perfectly safe! The inside has the foam pieces to keep your items in perfect shape and stored for easy locating. I love that it's got a nice long handle, just enough to get your hand around and carry it. Plus the zipper pullie is a lot longer and not super short, which gives you a better advantage to open the case up and close it too.

Finally - This case is very well made for the GoPro and Sj4000, which I would highly recommend for yourself, a gift or just to anyone who is interested in finding a perfect set that includes everything you need to catch shots from any location or spot.

Extremely Recommended!

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