Wednesday, May 20

Maximiza Ab Wheel - Abdominal Wheel / Roller for the Perfect Core Workout

The Maximiza Ab Wheel is actually very nicely designed! I had one in the past, which was a single wheel and a bit harder to control. However, the dual wheels on this makes it easier to roll out further and back in. It is great for getting your abs a serious burn. You will feel it in the first day you do a rep of 10.

A little work to put together, but very easy!

Features I love:

  • Stretch - stretch your abs and strengthen your muscles in the arms. Really can relieve back pain too with the stretching.
  • Comfort - Handles are so easy to hold on too, with the soft grips. The double wheels make the product easier to glide left, right and straight forward.
  • portable - Easy to take with you and doesn't take up too much space in the house.
  • Easy - Simple work out that you can feel it working and after ten reps or 20 you'll notice the burn and feel great!

Finally, I always feel it helps with better digestion, stretches the back out, improves strength in the arms and abs, and creates a healthy body. This is an excellent product by

Maximiza and very well made!

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