Monday, May 4

MAKIYO Womens Cat Footprints Sleeveless Lapel Collar Dress skirt

The Beautiful MAKIYO Women's Cat Footprints Dress is very lovely. The dress actually goes is half way up my thigh and has a nice brown lapel that gives you a trimmer waist. I love the colors of the dark, navy like blue with the white cat and paw prints going all throughout the dress and the added brown lapel makes for a nice pop out color.

It's fit is right to size! So I wouldn't request larger or smaller, as the normal size you buy at the store will work for the size of this dress. The flowing dress/skirt part has a nice ripple effect, which gives it a beautiful look and adds something more than a straight skirt/dress bottom would. I also enjoy the collar, which makes the dress casual and chic without being too plain. I can see this like a Country Club, event or just hanging out with friends type of dress. You really can use it for any occasion.

I love cats, so the dress is so my style! Plus, I like that it's not so glamour, but casual to allow me to just enjoy wearing this on any sunny day, even to just take a walk outdoors.

Excellent design! I love the fit, the style and the colors!

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