Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Makibes 60W 6-Port 5V/12A Desktop USB Charger with Holder

The one thing I find best about the Makibles 60W USB Charger, is that it comes with a holder because it saves up so much more space! I think if you are limited in room, having a holder to save you space and make it less likely to be in your way, than this is the best way to go for a USB Charger. Plus, it has 6 USB Ports.

Features I Love:

  • 6 USB Ports - More devices can be charged up and ready to be used, when needed
  • Holder - Keeps the product out of the way of your devices and saves you space.
  • Design - Not super thick, and is very powerful to charge your tablets and smart phones fast! The ports are all side by side and the device is charged by the outlet plug in. Of course, it comes in two colors, pink and black. I have the pink, which is very different for a charger as I only seen them in black, white, and silver.

Finally, this is an excellent device and very easy to use. I love the over heating protection 
(always a must have) if your device is finished charging. Plus the design is excellent for the space I have.

Terrific Product!

Video Review:

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