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Makartt Nail Warm/Cool Breeze Dryer

The Makartt Fan with warm and cool air is a really great creation! Instead of your cool air fans, this has the choice of warm too! Oddly, I feel it does sort of help dry my nails quicker, than cool air most of the time. I notice way back, with a blow dryer, my nails could be dried quicker because of the warm air. So I think that allowing the choice instead of a regular cool breeze flow through the fan is a great idea. Plus, for the size, you have so much room to do both hands and not have to hold down or press a buttons, it automatically knows when a hand or foot is placed underneath.

Features I love about the Makartt Nail Fan:

  • Size - Fits two hands, not just one! Allows a faster drying time for both hands at the same time and the height gives you enough room to move around without touching or accidentally hitting the fan. I use to have a fan, well two that are great for one hand or few fingers, but the top fan part was so close that you couldn't really move your hands around. This machine actually gives you enough room to adjust your hands after awhile and move up down side to side more freely.
  • Design - It really has the professional look, like you would see in a salon. The size and shape is perfect for home and business, but what I find I love is the height and easy to use buttons for on and off. There is no complicated or detailed instructions to figure out, as it's an automatic dryer with choice of on/off and the warm/cool button. The neck that holds the top dryer part is long enough and well made to keep it standing tall, without every breaking apart. The base is a perfect similar shape to the top and keeps it evenly balanced. I love that the device isn't super heavy and very much light weight. The two fan portals under the device is perfect enough to get your entire hand and allow an even distribution of warm/cool air.
  • Color - White is such a simple choice, and works for any room or office.

Finally, this is a nice device that runs on electric, no worries of wasting so many batteries to power it! I do agree this to be perfect for home and business and just does an excellent job getting my wet nails dry in less time and evenly.

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