Saturday, May 16

Makartt Nail Art Soak Off Acrylic Nail Color Polish Uv Gel Remover Nail Wraps

At first, when thinking about the Makartt Nail Gel Wraps I really didn't think a change from just soaking  in a bowl would be different than using wraps, but I was wrong. These make it work so much faster getting gel polish off and you get a box of 200.

What makes this so great:

  • 200 Total- You get a total of 200 wraps, that will last me awhile. I don't usually gel every single time, but if I did, that is like a good, long lasting amount. However, I can always buy more!
  • Simple - Easy to use, just use the wraps with your remover and let them soak. It speeds the removal of the gel and makes it a lot easier and maybe for some a lot less of a mess. 
  • Size - Perfect to travel and doesn't take up so much space for a 200 pack. They are really small and can be put in a bag or easily stored as it comes in. 
  • Inexpensive - Very affordable and works faster, if your like me and don't like to soak your nails in a bowl, till the gel is able to be lifted off.

Finally, this is an excellent product, making Gel Polish removal a piece of cake! Highly recommend for saving you time!

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