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Magicfly Surge Protector Strip 4-outlets with 4 USB Smart Charging Ports (2 x 2.4A & 2 x 1A) - Black

The Magicfly Surge Protector is a 4 outlet strip with an addition of 4 USB Ports for fast charging of your USB devices. I really love that it gives you a chance to not only charge your regular 3 prong cords and two prongs, but also 4 USB Charging Devices.

Features I love about the Magicfly Surge Protector Strip:

4 Outlets and 4 USB Ports - It really helps give my home some more space to plug in devices, since I don't have many free outlets to use. The addition of the 4 USB Ports make this product even better! I can now plug in my normal electronics and smart phones, tablets and much more in the USB Ports.
Design and Size - Love the size as it's not to big, but perfectly fits in a corner. Since it's more of a rectangle with some height, there isn't a problem for me to place it in the corner. I can easily plug this into one of my three prong outlets, but also could attach an adapter to make it into a two prong cord. It's not difficult to set up or very hard to read the writing on the 
product. There also is an on and off switch on the side. Plus, the cord is nice and long, which is good for reaching an outlet further from you. 
Easy To Use - just plug and begin using, everything works fine without flaw.
Smart USB Ports - Allow for a faster charge and no over charge on your device.
Safe To Use - no dangerous parts that even children could come in contact with. It's a safe device that helps charge your electronics.

Finally, this is easy to use and very useful in my home. I would highly recommend this gadget as it does more than let you use appliances, but also charge your smart devices and cameras.

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