Tuesday, May 5

Magic Space - 3 Pcs Packing Cubes

The Magic Space Cubes are perfect for storing so many things! I love that I can place all my art supplies inside these as well as clothing. It makes storing and traveling so much easier, with out having to take so much space up. The cubes have a nice mesh top, which gives you a great view to which you can see what is inside these cubes. So I never need to open them up often to remember what I placed in them because the mesh window really helps and still
keeps the item inside the cube bag from escaping.

What I love best of these Cubes:
  • Easy to Zip - They have these lovely pullies that make it easy to open and close the bag. Two of them make it even easier to grab from either one and open or close them
  • 3 Size Cube Bags - Your getting 3 cubes from small, medium and large. Enough space for any type of product and enough to use for many things in the house. 
  • Design - The color and style are wonderful on these bags and gives it something nice to look at verse a simple mesh cube bag. I really love the color choices, which I have the blue and the black mesh!
  • Multiple Use - No matter if your traveling or storing in the house, these can hold so many things and give you a perfect window view to the items stored in each bag.
  • Bonus Bag - You get a long sling bag as well with the purchase, like a wonderful travel bonus gift!

Finally, these are really nice and I love each bag size. They really come in handy and I'm always trying to keep my things organized and in their own space.

Excellent Magic Space Cube Bags!

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