Tuesday, May 26

LUCLUC Dress & Cami Purchase Review

I was searching for a new style for spring and summer, which brought me to these beautiful top and a lovely flowing dress. I always think of floral when it comes to warm, sunny weather months.

This dress was one that caught my eye because of it's floral and red/pink color, I could imagine myself wearing. It has so many straps on the back, which really allows your entire back to breath. It feels comfortable and so relaxing, with the opening while not being too tight around.

I enjoy the unique look it gives, while still being simple and lovely. 

The bottom is one that really I so much enjoy, which is the flowing layers. However, the entire dress is really beautiful and a perfect fit!

Now for this Blue Pleated Strappy Chiffon Cami, I love that it's ends flow in a dressy like way. It has long sides while the center goes up, something different and fashionable for spring or summer. The blue is very vibrant and has very thin black shoulder straps. I think this is a perfect simple and fashionable style for spring, very easy to wear and enjoy any day you'd like.

My favorite is the flowing bottom, I think that is the first thing that caught my eye and next was the color. It really is something I can wear with jeans, shorts or even pants. It really is just a lovely Pleated Blue Strappy Cami.

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