Friday, May 8

LotFancy New Dual Two Nozzle Electric Balloon Pump

The LotFancy Dual Household Mini Portable Air Blower is super adorable in pink and very easy to use. The fact that I can blow up so many different balloons fast is great! However, it can be a bit loud, but so is many big helium or other types of machines. The air nozzles fit directly for even the small round balloons and pretty much any will work. 

Here are my favorite features of the Lotfancy Dual Electric Balloon Pump:

  • Portable - Travels well, just need to plug it in and your ready to go!
  • Speed - It will definitely speed the time it takes you to blow up so many by using this machine, than a manual pump. 
  • Double Blower - Two on one, so you have more done faster for those huge parties and get-together or great way to make flying targets. No matter the way it's used, the product is very well worth the purchase for the many uses of balloons, especially since everyone has a Birthday!
  • Color and Design - I love the pink color and the size is just perfect, no heavy or too large to store. It's great for traveling to your location and makes a party happen instantly. The door on the side hides the power cord and makes it even easier to keep things together, since it's just one item.  Overall, I think the design is very well planned, since it keeps everything together (no chance of it getting lost) and it's very small and bright, which allows you to automatically realize what this contraption is.
There are two nozzles, this is the left.
The right, 2nd nozzle

Different size attachments for different balloons
Secret door to the power cord, keeps everything in place
Bottom has the nonslip rubber pieces. Keeps it from moving around, while in use.
Finally, this is an excellent and adorable product to own. Very well made and so easy to use! 

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