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Lonve Pink & Blue 16GB MP4/MP3 Player Reviews

These Two lovely colors, that can be gifted or even used for yourself are by the company known as Lonve and they are MP4/MP4 Players, with music, eBooks, Voice Recorder, Photos, and so much more.

The Pink color is very nice for any girl, with a metallic shimmer to it. I love how slim and easy to read the LCD Screen is. You don't have to every worry about not seeing it in the dark and will always be entertained with the choices of games or music you have download to play.
I love how easy this is to use, with the simple transfer of music through the USB Cord, as well as photos, eBooks and even recorded voices.  

This really is a simple device to use and doesn't seem hard for even a young kid to enjoy. It's a simple MP4/MP3 Player without the confusing buttons. I don't mind myself that it's not a touch screen, but enjoy that the easy to press buttons to select and scroll through the options.
In Setup, you have a choice to change the product slightly more to your liking, but even if you don't touch a thing there really isn't anything hard to understand.

Also Storage is another good thing about this Pink MP4/MP3 Player, 16 GB. Enough for many photos, a few videos and music.

THerefore, I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in a gift for someone or an update to a newer MP4/MP3 player for yourself. 

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The Blue Lonve MP4/MP3 Player is another great option for anyone who loves music and wants a simpler player that doesn't have too much buttons or extra gadgets. What you really have here is a slim and sleek device, which perfectly fits into a pocket and 
hand. I love how the metallic color shimmers in the light and the LCD screen is super bright, perfect for the night. 

You really have so much you can do on this MP4/Mp3 Player, a perfect companion to bring on a road trip and while traveling. It's 16 GB allow you to enjoy music all day if you'd like or download a few videos, photos or even eBooks for entertainment. The device has everything included, just you need to have your music, photos, videos and eBooks transferred to the device from a computer. However, once you receive this product, your really red to get started.

It's a lovely color, everything included and is easy to use! Perfect for anyone and very nice size monitor for viewing your downloaded material. Plus the sound comes out clear and can be loud or as quiet as you like.

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