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Lonve Music Player 16GB MP4/MP3 Player Purple 1.81'' Screen MP4 Music/Audio/Media Player with FM Radio

The beauty of an MP3 Player like the Lonve Music Player is that you can have your music with you all the time, and it's super easy to carry verse a CD player or cassette player. I love that with this little Purple(love the color) MP4/MP3 Player I can hold so many songs in the 16GB memory. However, I find the ease of controls even more better than most models out there!  The reason I enjoy the easy to use controls is because it's got a simpler way to avoid hitting the wrong button with the control being on the bottom and not a touch screen product. Also, it's easy to know which buttons you're needing to hit. I can choose Menu or fast forward or scroll easily with the buttons labeled. Plus, for the USB Charging area and the MIC and Head phones are also easy to detect on the bottom of the device.

Favorite features of the Lonve Music Player:

  • Color and Design - Easier to use, than most. Has a nice smooth surface, but not one that leaves finger prints. The round button panel is easy to understand and choose the option or song your looking for. I can easily fit it in my pocket or hand with the perfect size to it. There are no sharp edges or loose ports that won't allow you to keep the wires in. Your also not going to lose the charged power, as it has a On/Off button on the top. Now for the color, it's very bold and shimmering like a metallic purple. 
  • Clear Sound and Screen - The screen has a very clear view on the screen and a nice sound coming through the headphones, which are included. I can tell you it sounds just like CD quality and the volume can go very high to your liking or as low as you need it to be. So either listening to the radio, the audio books or maybe any of your songs, your going to really enjoy the sound.
  • E-book Reader and Photos - The 1.81 inch screen still is good enough to read through some text and eBooks you've stored from the computer, which are easy to read as well as look through the images too. Since, the screen is nice and clear you can really enjoy the written words and images from your favorite downloads.
  • Size - Perfect pocket and hand size, not to thick or wide.
On/Off Switch on top

Bottom - mic, headset and USB Port
headset included

Finally, even though you can't store more files on an SD card to expand memory, I still think for 16GB is enough to keep you playing for a long time and I really don't have that many or need more space, which I"m having trouble trying to fill a 16 GB with. It's just a perfect electronic device that makes for excellent music and photo viewing. It also can be the perfect gift, which is inexpensive but with a high quality make. 

Truly Excellent!

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