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Lift Care - Lift Wand Solo w/ Under Eye attachment Premium Portable High Frequency Facial Machine

The Lift Wand Solo w/ Under Eye attachment Premium Portable High Frequency Facial Machine is really a terrific product, which includes so many size pieces that can be used all over the body. You basically can use it to get that youthful face and neck, without feeling pain. One of the main reasons I love this product is there isn't any pain included. It works by sending pulses or high frequencies to the skin, which works deep into the cells. The results, let me tell you are excellent and guess what, they are for long term. Your not getting results that will last only a day or end up fading after time. The only thing keep up with this tool and your skin will stay in shape, like if your working out.

Mushroom, Comb, Bend, and Tongue Tubes, which attach to the base/handle.
I always feel any tool that works the skin is like a work out. So if you stop doing something, your body begins to end up changing badly and not staying in shape, but if you keep to it than your never going to have to worry about it ever again. So, yes it is a terrific tool that will
train your skin like a physical trainer would and build your face, neck or which ever part of the body to a stronger, firmer, and healthier look.

My favorite features of the Lift Wand:

  • More Than Just Wrinkles - It's for Acne, Dark Circles, Scars and so much more! Since it works deep in the skin, this is going to give you a smooth and radiant appearance. It's like a fighting tool, which is going in combat to beat up all those problems on the face, body and just the entire skin to bring you a clean and healthy appearance.
  • Included Parts - you have so many parts included with this Lift Wand. It has the pieces for under the eye, behind the ears, and around the face. Some reasons for all these size and shaped tools is to get every angle that can't be reached with the one tool because our faces do have different angles and it be quite hard to get each part if we had only one shaped Electrode tool to use.
  • Vibrations/Frequency - The power is enormous, and you may think it's similar to a simple massage or body brush, but it isn't! Think of if like having a manual tooth brush and than stepping it up to a rechargeable tooth brush with extreme power to cause circulation and work the skin ten times as better than anything. Well, that is exactly how I feel with using this device. Like I'm getting an upgraded and more significant product with additional benefits, that I wouldn't achieve with a manual or battery powered massaging tool.
  • Plus it really isn't for massaging, it's more of a treatment that sends pulses into your skin giving the cells the encouragement to fix and change, almost like a wake up call. 
  • Cost - Not pricey at all! However, some other brands are raising prices on a device like this because it is a really good device that WORKS! However, you shouldn't spend more than you need too. The Lift Wand by Lift Care is so affordable and gives you the same benefit as any other brand name and product or even better! 

Finally, I am one happy person ever since I found this device! I am recommending it to all my family members, my friends and everyone I come in contact with! This is the number one product that will give you the results for so many problems on the skin that many others items will not. No more searching, I found my winner!

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