Monday, May 18

Leopardd RFID Identity Safe Wallet - Prevent Electronic Credit Card Scan Theft

The Leopardd RFID Identity Safe Wallet is really a nice REAL leather wallet. I love the small size as it's all I really need to protect my cards and easy to carry along with me, if I don't want to take my purse. The color is very bold and catches the attention of my eyes every time I hold it. 

Features I love of this Wallet:
  • Protection - Keeps my cards protected from identity theft or anyone ever scanning my card. 
  • Leather - A beautiful and soft, colored leather bag is what you get. The feeling is great and the size is perfect for the cards. Plus it's real leather not fake!
  • 12 Cards Fit - You have enough room for 12 cards, I had a metal holder for only 7. So you really get enough space for more cards and enough room to include cash or coins.
  • Pullies - The zipper area has those long pullies, making it easy to open and close.
  • Design - I love the Gold accenting the wallet's color and how bold the color it, once you receive it. It's very easy to open and I love the space as well.

Finally, this is a wonderful product and I really do enjoy the design as well as knowing my cards and cash are being protected. No flaws or problems have been found with this wallet, after many uses.

I highly recommend this product for it's protection and quality!

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