Monday, May 11

Inateck Adjustable Goose Neck Stand for Symbol Scanner Barcode Scanner

The Inateck Adjustable Goose Neck is a a perfect fit with a Barcode Scanner. I can easily scan the product and let the scanner be adjusted right from the stand. It's well balanced and doesn't fall over every time I lift the scanner or move it with the gooseneck.

Reasons I love the Inateck Adustable Goose Neck Stand:

  • Affordable - not expensive and makes scanning easier.
  • Style and Design - Nice thick neck with a sturdy base stand. No problem with moving it left right or up and down. The product stands tall and is easy to adjust. I like how it holds the scanner securely and makes it easy to scan right from the stand.
  • Color - Perfect for any version scanner and is just a nice sleek color.
  • Easy Installation - Nothing really needed just place the scanner and enjoy using it.

Finally, this is really a nice design and great product to use. Better than a regular stand, when you can adjust it to your comfort and reach bars that are harder to reach.

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