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Fanrun Women Earrings and Rings Review

3 beautiful pieces from Fanrun a supplier of women's jewelry.

I love the look of these earrings, they are nice and sparkly with the Cubic Zirconia going all the way around each hoop, from right to left of the closure. I like the change from my normal silver or gold hoops. These are a perfect black hoop with the glamours Cubic Zirconia surrounding it. 

When the light hits these, the shine is just amazing! I love how they work with anything, from casual to elegant. It's just a great pair of earrings and fit very well, while not coming undone all day from wearing. Love that it's a strong metal and won't break or rust as many metals. 

Just Beautiful!

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Super cute fit around my ear! It gives me the total little slice of silver and hugs the ear just like a huggie should. I love the silver as it shines very nicely and adds an easy to detect color to my ear. It also matches well with many of the clothing I wear. Very nice and an excellent thickness to each hoop, which is evenly thick 7mm and weigh like your wearing nothing at all.

Excellent Hoops!

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I enjoy this ring and it's a size 6 fits my finger of choice perfectly! the design for the women's Rose Gold Stainless Steel is gorgeous. It has such a nice small but precious look to it and even though it is for more of a wedding ring, I like it as an everyday ring or a gift to a daughter or another special person in your life. The center with the single Cz is beautiful and dazzling as well!

My main features I love about this ring:
  1. Very smooth around and on the edges
  2. Fits my finger perfectly and has a gorgeous gold and simple design
  3. The polish design gives it a shine that you see everyday. When any light hits the ring it just shines like a star, on your finger. 
  4. Inexpensive gift or wedding ring.
I very much love the ring and the fit is excellent!

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Beautiful ring with the decorative Cubic Zirconia in the center. I love how dazzling and sparkling it is, in the sun light and indoor light. It really is very dainty and beautiful. Strong Stainless Steel with a stunning look! 

A Perfect wedding ring or promise ring, but for me this is a great anytime of the day or month type of ring, gift to myself!

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