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eNilecor- Long Hair Cosplay Costume Wigs

2 eNilecor Cosplay Costume Wigs Below

The 32" Blue Curly Wavy Cosplay Wig is totally bright and bold! I love the curly ends as it adds some realistic Anime and style to the piece itself. The product comes in perfect condition and has no problems with strands falling out of place. I love the way it's front part is angled and framing the face, while the back covers any sign of your hair.

It really is a nice long piece, that will catch much attention!

I am very excited to have received this wig and wouldn't just wear it for a costume, but just as an occasional fun new style to go out in. As always, anime and cosplay is just fun to dress up in and not to mention I feel like the character of a favorite TV/Movie show. Therefore, I would recommend the eNilecor company for Cosplay and Costume Wigs, as they seem to arrive and show up as perfect as they are viewed on the page.

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Love the rainbow! Man this reminds me of Unicorns and like Fairies or leprechauns. I think from this style hair, I really enjoy the bright and fun swirls color flowing through each wave. The bang shape in front is perfect for framing the face and the length is just gorgeous!

I never had a hair that felt like real hair, but with some funky style to it! It really makes anything I wear pop, since I don't consider just wearing this as a costume. It's just a gorgeous piece and better yet doesn't remind me of being a Halloween Costume or hair you'd see on

a clown. Also, everything from the hair to the length is in great condition, upon arrival and nothing flawed or any problem seems to be occurring with every movement or wear. So I have no problem wearing this wig and would recommend this company brand and their wigs to those who are interested.

They really are gorgeous!

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