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Effective Massager Fatkiller & Facefatkiller by GentleLemur

The Fatkiller and Facefatkiller by the GentleLemur ( love the name by the way), are massaging tools that are an inexpensive way to fix your problem areas, which they do more than just kill fat! I love it for constipation, for cellulite, for water weight and muscle soreness. It really helps relieve pain as well as perfect areas of the body that make our self confidence go way down.

Face Fatkiller

Reasons I find this to be the best way to reduce fat, fix problem areas and so much more:
  • Two Types Of Fatkillers In Collection - This is a set of two types that work for the face, and entire body. One is a simple smooth wheels which glide easily and help massage the body's surface, and the second is the face size massager. 
  • When using each they work perfect with the angles and designed shape to get every part of your body. So you can rid of that cellulite, as many say massaging the area is best for reducing stored fat cells. Than you could also do as I and take the smooth wheel massager to help you get your gut digesting and moving all the excess waste out of your system, keep you regular! However, the facial one is perfect, with the hammer like head it glides around the entire face and corners with ease and allows me to smooth out and tighten my face without the use of needles or chemicals. I can remove excess fat build up anywhere in my body, as well as water.  Of course, they do sell separate so you don't need to get all two, but I think for myself the two pack does more and has more choices for getting around the angles of the face and body, with the right size tools.
  • Easy To Handle - the handles are nice and large which allows you to grab on tight and move the Fatkiller massagers through out the body and not slip or have it falling apart on you. 
  • Design - I think they made it perfect for the body's shape and reaching the areas most massagers can not, curved parts as well as the major flat areas on your thigh's, stomach, and so much more! The three wheels on the Fatkiller are perfect and thick enough to get a large area of the body and the Facefatkiller is perfect for the small and large parts of the face. I find I use the facial massager of the Fatkiller's collection everyday morning and night before applying my serums and lotions. This I feel after massaging even with the body massagers of the collection, that it allows the body to accept the creams and serums better and allow it to absorb in the cells that need them.
Easy handle to grab and hold while massaging the face
Easy gliding wheels on the Face Fatkiller.
Remove horizontal lines with the Face Fatkiller.

Fits perfect all over the face!
Nice grooves for comfort in holding and gives you more deep tissue massage by the pressure you use.

Original Fatkiller - smooth wheels that glide easily on your skin.
Finally, I really enjoy this non electric product because my hand is the only power needed, doesn't cost more to own, and works amazingly! My results are that I have had smoother, tighter skin on my face and body, I have less digestion problems, and I'm feeling less heavier and lighter than I would have been without using the Fatkiller Collection. I think that all I needed was to give my body that proper massaging and now that I own the Fatkillers, my body is going to be loving me everyday as much as I love my body! So if your looking for a healthy way to trim off the pounds, achieve no more cellulite or fix problems like back pain, soreness and so much more, than I would highly recommend this set.

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