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Cat Eye Jewels Bling Beads Long Necklace and Choker

Below are two new stylish necklaces by Cat Eye Jewels. They are strands of Beads with Magnetic closures and perfectly polished and designed to capture the eyes of everyone you meet!

The Cat Eye Jewels Bling Bead Necklace is a nice long strand of beads, which work perfectly wrapped around the neck a few times. I love that style, it is fun you actually can have one length longer than the other and shorter on top, etc. It really is fun to be able to wear this so many different ways.

The Beads are perfectly shaped and the faceted sides are able to reflect the color when the indoor and outdoor light bounces off of it. The beads don't even cause any irritation or rubbing around the neck, since they are faceted, the sides are smooth enough to not cause you any pain or feel like your being choked.

Magnetic Closure Bead
Few features I love about the Cat Eye Jewels Bling Long Necklace:
  • Length - 58 inches, long enough to go around the neck three times! Perfect for styling any way you like and creating your own unique style with the length. One of my favorite ways to wear this is actually a perfect three lengths around my neck. Having one long and the rest to follow. 
  • Clasps - Magnetic clasps, easy to remove and put on without struggle! The Rhinestone Ball is very nice detailing to the end of the necklace as well, very fancy!
  • Color - For the many they have to choose, I love the Violet. It's very much my favorite color, but each color looks really nice.
  • Faceted Beads - The beads are so beautiful as the light reflects from them, The faceted sides make it even more dazzling and it doesn't matter which way or side the bead moves, each will still shine and dazzle in the light.
  • Comfortable To Wear - It passes the comfort test! I haven't had a problem wearing this around my neck all day long. While some can feel as if your being choked or uncomfortable, this necklace is very well designed. Leaving you without any sharp edges, or discomfort for all day use.
  • Hypoallergenic - Perfect for those who have trouble finding jewelry that may lead to irritation or problems. This is just a perfect product for many!
Extra Magnetic Closure bead can change your long necklace up
by making it end with two drop beads.

Finally, this is a lovely Cat Eye Jewels Long Necklace, very much love the detailing and color!

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The Cat Eye Jewels Bling is a lovely 19 inch Beaded Necklace with the stunning Magnetic Clasp. It really makes a gorgeous appearance to the side or even as a center focal point to this necklace. You can even leave it in the back, but I actually love how it looks as a main focal point of interest. 

Here are a few major things I enjoy about this Necklace:

  • Choker Design/Style - It's more closer to the neck and doesn't dangle to far down. However, not to much like a true choker that makes you feel like you can't breath. It doesn't warp around so tight and gives you room to move your neck. I never really could enjoy something that straps around my neck all day long. After awhile, I need to remove it off my neck. That is why I enjoy the 19" length to this necklace, it is comfortable to wear all day long.
  • Cluster Beads - I love the thickness it creates, perfect for a choker necklace. I am a big fan of the huge beads and statement pieces. This necklace is definitely is that! The beads are all perfectly faceted and arranged on the strand. When you see it from a far it appears like a large single strand, but once close up you can tell the many clusters of beads that create this necklace.
  • Faceted -  The faceted beads shine with the indoor and outdoor light, no matter the many ways this necklace may be worn or moves. 
  • Magnetic Closure - The closure looks like a lovely focal point stone that you would make  it look like a 100 dollar necklace! I love the size and how it is so easy to open and close the necklace, without struggle. You don't need another person to help you put this one, when it magnetically opens and closes.
Magnetic Closure Bead => Great Focal Bead!
Finally, this is a just a beautiful piece, and a very nice gift or present to yourself! For the price and style, you'll feel like your wearing a 100 dollars worth of necklace, but really only paid under 30. 

Very Beautiful!

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