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BLUETTEK V4.0 Wireless Cell Phone Stereo Bluetooth Headset

The BLUETTEK V4.0 Wireless Cell Phone Stereo Bluetooth Headset is very stylish with it's sleek and slim design. Plus, the colors you get the choose are terrific! I have to say, the 
red is such a nice color, not your typical fire engine red and more like a rose red or pink. 

Features I love the best:
  • Design - Very sleek and slim, without feeling heavy or too tight when worn on the head. I love how it actually looks like a hair band and gives your ears some comfort with the large soft ear muffins. Now the colors you get to choose, which I do enjoy. Either one I think would be perfect. However, I chose the red, which is a vibrant pink color. Also, the buttons are all on the side, which makes it simpler after a few times use to know which is play/stop, fast forward, Reverse, and volume.
  • Charging - You do have a USB Port that allows for easy charging and no batteries needed. After a charge you get about 13 -18 hours, which can be on the phone using the mic of the headset or just listening to music. In away, I never seem to ever use that much in a day, but always recharge them fully after a use. So it's always ready for me. However, it's a good thing to know how long you really can listen without charging again.
  • Size - Perfect one size fits all/most. The adjustable sides extend if you have a longer head like me or bigger one that needs more length.
  • Pairing - Since you can pair to your device through Bluetooth, it makes connecting to all your favorite songs fun. However, the process is very easy and you can set it up with two phones at a time. I could have actually set it with my apple product and another with my android, and not need to pair off and pair on until change to a different device.
  • Noise cancellation - All you hear is the crystal clear sound and no buzzing, vibrations, or funny sounds coming through the headset. Also, your voice will come out perfectly clear and won't have a low or high problem through the microphone.

Finally, this is just a perfect shaped headset, loving the design and ease of use! A great gift idea and even just a perfect gift to yourself. I would highly recommend this as a step up from many of the other headsets that include wireless Bluetooth pairing, as it's able to connect more than one and isn't as bulky or uncomfortable to wear.

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