Monday, May 11

BLUETTEK 16-in-1 Multi-Function Emergency Rescue Tool

The BLUETTEK 16 in 1 is a very excellent design product, that has many uses! This is great for those who enjoy traveling and even just to have around in the house. 
I find so many great uses out of this, saving me time going back to my tool box for a certain tool because it's all attached on this Multi-tool.

My favorite features:
  • 16 in 1 - You have so many pieces that work for multiple jobs around the house and even out doors!
    • Hammer - Great for building, breaking and repairing.
    • Axe - Cut through rope, fabric, wood and so much more!
    • Seatbelt Cutter - Get you out of the seat-belt if it ever got jammed or you can't take it off.
    • Window Breaker - Make your escape easier, if your stuck in the car and the glass won't budge.
    • Many Size Knives - Perfect for certain tasks that require cutting and slicing things up. Sharp and ready to use!
    • Screwdriver - fixing and repairing, etc.
    • Hex Wrench - fixing and repairing, etc.
    • Pliers - few different types perfect for many different tasks
    • Plus much more!
  • Design - It is very nicely design to look like a small hammer, but it turns into a secret holder of many other tools, hidden inside. I love the wood like design and the easy to open and use each piece. Nice strong stainless steel product!
  • For Everyone - For all hobbies, outdoor use, emergencies, and so much more! This is perfect for everyone to own and includes so much that this can actually replace the need for certain tools.
  • Easy To Use - Not difficult to select and use the tool, plus it stores back up inside the hammer shape and can be placed into a purse, bag or car for emergencies.

Finally, this is a really nice tool to own, which for me I find so many uses and everyday it tends to come in handy in some way! Excellent made product, very durable and reliable. 
I would highly recommend this to all my friends and family members.

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