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Ariana's Art 48 Artist Quality Colored Pencils Set - Bonus Pencil Carrying Case, Sharpener & Quality Eraser

These are a nice set of 48 Colored Pencils by Ariana's Art. I love how they are nicely wrapped in a carrying bag, keeps them from being difficult to know which colors are available or where they are. I always felt it takes longer to get the color from a pencil box, when most are towards the bottom and you forget there are many other shades than just the ones you use often.
Now I can get an exact viewing to where they are located. 

Here is my favorite reasons I love the Ariana's Art Colored Pencils:

  • Variety - 48 total colors, all different shades and bold colors. They give you a choice of reds, greens, blues and so much more! So every drawing can be extremely bright and bold with color.
  • Case and Extra's - I love that you get these pencils in a simple roll up case/bag. It has 48 stretchy looks, which hold them in place and a side zipper spot for the added bonus of a eraser and sharpener.
  • Travel and Storage - It's great for on the go, just bring a pad and your set! I love that it can be easily rolled up and stored, when it's time put them away. Each colored pencil has a spot and it never becomes a mess to pick each and everyone up. Plus, if your done using the pencils you could always get more or others and use the case over again!
  • Bold and Bright Colors - The pencils are very strong in color, pretty much what you see is EXACTLY what your getting. I love the soft and easy flow of color, when using to color in a picture or shade. The colors glide easily and bring out the most vibrant amount of color to all my drawings. 

Includes a sharpener and eraser
Finally, these pencils are ones you can tell that you didn't buy for $1, as they glide on the paper leaving the most smoothest and magnificent amount of color. They also sharpen with ease and not end up breaking every time. The amount you get here, the extras included and the smooth and vibrant colors that can easily glide/flow through your art work is why I love using the Ariana Pencils and I almost find them similar to the quality of my mom's most prized brand Prismacoclor.

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