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ANART SJ4000 W9 2.0Inch Big Screen 12MP Full HD 1080P 140 Degree WiFi Waterproof Sport DV Camera

The ANART SJ4000 W9 2 inch Screen with 12MP HD is really a nice size screen. The camera is just like the traditional SJ4000, but with the additional enlargement to the screen.

Features I love with the ANART SJ4000 W9:
  • Size - The camera is similar to the traditional SJ4000's, but instead you have a larger LCD display screen on the back. 
  • Design - Very well made, to withstand day to day usage. I love that it has that strong case, included. There is no way water or dirt can break through and destroy the camera. The buttons are all easy to press on the case and when using the camera on it's own. Now for the camera, without the case it's very light weight and small like a tiny rectangular box. It has a non slip exterior, with a nice large 2 inch display screen on the back and a 140 degree lens in front. The Wide 140 degree lens is perfect for capturing a portrait and landscape shot of the action occurring. The additional size in the screen display is perfect for viewing the recorded action easier. 
  • Wifi - You can connect your smart phone with the App that is included in the directions. 
  • HD and 12MP - Gives you a beautiful view of the recording or pictures captured. You will have that exact view of what was going on during or when you were taking the recording. It is perfectly crystal clear and the quality of a video. I mean it looks like you were just watching it in real time, verse on a camera.
  • HDMI Output - attach the cord and view the recording on the TV screen.
  • Loop Recording - Deletes unsaved or unwanted recordings and reuses that memory for new ones.
  • Additional Accessories - Enough of other mounts that come with this camera to get you started and enjoy use right away. Just include your SD card, up to 32 GB max and your ready to continue a long recording anytime and anywhere.
Finally, this isn't a hard camera to understand and can be consider very easy to work with. You have everything you need to know in the directions, but it is pretty simple to learn fast. The camera doesn't have many buttons and all you need is to include an SD card, which I would prefer the 32 GB ( longer recording time) Other than that, it's an excellent camera and very well made!

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