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ANART® Cradle Desktop Charger Case & Rechargeable Battery for SJ4000/5000/6000 Sports Camera

The ANART Cradle Charger with Additional Battery is perfect for charging your battery up, instead of right from the camera. You just take the plug your camera has included and attach it to the cradle with the battery attached. Now you have the ability to charge it with your computer or USB Adapter for an outlet or even an external battery charger. This is simple and easy to use and you don't have to take out the entire camera to charge your battery.You also get an additional battery for charging when the one you have is not powered up.

Features I love about the ANART Camera Cradle Charger:
  • Easy To Use- Just put the Camera's USB Cord you have with your camera into the USB Port or USB Outlet Adapter and the other end into the Charger, than the battery and begin charging.
  • Included - The charging cradle and rechargeable battery. While one needs charge you can use the spare to continue recording.
  • Durable - Well made design, not easy to break or fall  apart. Just what you need to recharge a battery when it's power is low.
Finally, it's an excellent charger and easy to use. Plus, it's  perfect when you want to get back to recording and not waiting for your battery to charge.

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