Monday, May 11, 2015

ANART® 2.7'' Full HD 1080P 170° Night Vision Car Dash Cam DVR Vehicle Camera Video Recorder Cam

This is the Dash Cam by ANART with 12mp and it's HD, which is a wonderful thing when having great recordings for accidents during a drive or capturing parking lot problems. Why do I like this well, I know many who have been in accidents and yet never had a camera or away to record what just when on. I know I have a tendency as well to not pay attention because my mind wonders, but I do make sure to obey the rules of the road. So just by having this Dash Cam by ANART I know I will never have to worry that if something was to happen to my vehicle in a parking lot or on the road, I'll be able to capture the moment and keep it saved for any court or other reasons. 

You really never know how bad some people drive, until they are the ones hitting your car. So this is like the best new invention for 2015! It's like the upgraded camera towards all the ones on the market for your car. The Dash cam is a perfect camera that will not only record accidents and save them, but give you HD colored images and a wider view of the action around you. The mount is already excellent as I seen on many new phone mounts. This actually is a like a stronger mount they have with the camera. It sort of glues itself, without glue to your dash board or any place your putting the camera by pulling the lever down. Than you have the adjustable mount that makes it your choice to exactly how you want it to be recording.
The camera is a perfect size and long wide view instead of a portrait view. For such a small camera it is very efficient on photos and provides excellent recordings.

Reasons I love the ANART® 2.7'' Full HD Video Recorder Cam:
  • 2.7" - it's not that big, but not that small either. However, for a camera this is perfect! It's like a normal size game monitor, but still you get the HD view of the road and images your taking while driving. It comes in clear and easy to see on the screen.
  • 170 Degree - You have a wider view to the action going on around you, so a better landscape viewing.
  • Settings and Replay/Playback - Now you can review what you've just captured on the camera. Perfect when you do get into an accident you can have it directly on playback. Also, the many functions that can be used while in park, recording, and the many settings you have to have the camera set the way you prefer. Many others don't include options like a regular camera would. Instead, many unlike this Dash Cam by ANART, only allow one setting and dates to the time of the capture. However, this is more like a real camera or action camera with the benefit of a security recording camera put together.
  • Suction Mount - Very strong suction that is held on the car easily, I haven't had it fall down yet! The easy lever allows you to make sure the suction takes a tight grip.
  • Image Quality - HD and 12MP is a great amount for a camera in the car, top of the line! It's perfect to capture crystal clear and images that look like movie or right in front of you quality. No blurry lines or faded color, everything is just flawless when it comes to the imagery!
  • G-Sensor - Now you don't need to worry if something occurs this is the smartest new thing in these Car Cams, it is the G Sensor. This little thing is the ability to save your recordings instantly when an accident occurs, so don't worry your not going to lose the important shot. Why I find this to be the best option when it comes to cameras in the car, is that it will save your file when an accident occurs. Right away, I know if it ever came to that, I would not stop and remind myself to save the file. I would be more worried about what just happened and see if everyone is OK.
  • Bonus PC Camera - Attach it to your computer and it can work like a PC camera, though has small battery to be unplugged for long. However, it does work like a regular camera in many ways and supports a great amount of images/recordings to transfer, share and view.

Finally, this is a device for all cars, and works perfectly! It's that type of Camera that looks sleek, but works as a perfect protection device for you and your car!

Excellent gizmo to own!

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