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ANART® 10 All-in-1 Professional Kit Accessories for GoPro + SJCAM

The ANART 10 in 1 Kit is an excellent set of accessories for your Action Camera. The Size of the mounts fit either the GoPro and SJCAM perfectly. Every piece has been well build and constructed to attach to yourself, from head to even strapping around your body.

Features I love about this ANART 10 In 1 Kit:

  • 10 Mounting Items - You have ten different mounts to attach to the head, body, car, bike and more! This is like the perfect kit to get you taking shots from anywhere and anyplace. It's a perfect gift and perfect set for just buying with your GoPro or SJCAM. The fit of each piece is right on target! I have a SJCAM and this fits perfectly. I think many find that GoPro is the only ones that can fit these type of mounting products, and I love that ANART actually mentions it in their product description that this is for the SJCAM too! Since, most of these accessories can fit the SJCAM as much as it fits the GoPro.
  • Comfortable/Flexible Head and Body Mount - These pieces are very easy to move in, with stretching from side to side or going up and down. No matter the movement these mounts actually fit your body and move with you. I haven't been left with any marks or pain from the straps. I love that they are also adjustable, so you and many others can fit these perfectly for the average body. It adjusts up or down as much as needed. So if your bigger or smaller this should fit your perfectly, just adjust it with the straps.
  • Monopod - love this part since it works as a great way to capture your surroundings and yourself, or record the action your doing or behind you. 
  • Easy To Attach - No difficulty to attach the camera to the mounts, or if you have more than one. It's a perfect fit and size, no flaws.
  • More Fun! - Now you can go enjoy the outdoors in a whole new way. Capturing it from different angles. 
Head Harness
Body Harness
Other Mounts For Attaching To GoPro or SJCAM.
Finally, this is an excellent product and I find nothing wrong or anything I can not use! It is perfect for the outdoors and will come in handy this summer!
Excellent and very well made product!

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