Friday, May 8, 2015

36w LED Nail Lamp by Makartt

The 36W LED Nail Lamp by Makartt is a terrific pink/white box that will get that gel polish dried faster than UV Light and Safer! I love the design the shape is of a normal nail drying machine, which keeps the light at the right angles to give your entire hand a perfect drying.
The weight is very light, but the bulbs are strong and perfect for a quicker dry and even dry faster. You actually have the ability to set the timer and get the polish dried as you want. However, it can easily be automatic or just set the timer for when the light will turn off.

Here are a few things I love about the Makartt LED Lamp:
  • Hand Size - You can easily stick you entire hand into this lamp, no difficult with not getting enough Light one each finger. 
  • Adjustable Time - No more on/off at a certain amount of seconds. If you want or need more and most gel polishes require more time, just turn the dial and set it up to 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • Color and Design - Very easy to carry as it's a light weight LED Nail Lamp and has a simple pink and white color and design for drying the fingers. Not to complicated and perfect for professional and home use. The light bulbs are perfectly distributed around the dome top allowing for even dry on all angles and enough LED light power to give you a fast dry faster!
  • 36w - Faster Drying time and perfect for a business if you run a nail salon and need to get many nails done a day or just for in home use and doing many nails or just yours.
  • Two Power Cord Ports - Now attach your cord on the left or right corner, it won't matter they both work! love that nifty idea, keeps you from having the wire/cord in your way as you use the device.
Dial the time you would like for automatic shut off.
Light comes on once hand is inside the machine, not when it's out.

Finally, it's perfect for everyone and anyone who wants to start a personal nail business, for the home or just to give as a gift to another that loves Gel Polish. I am always doing my nails and this is the best, since gel does last longer and keeps me from having to redo them every single day( I'm very rough with my hands and a perfectionist). However, this is such an excellent product, very simple to use and adorable to look at!

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