Thursday, May 21

24qt 4 Pack Black, Blue, Red, & Green Milk Crates by Farmplast,LLC.

The 24qt 4 Pack Milk Crates can come in handy, as they keep things separated. I actually got an idea with the crates when my closet shelving started to fall apart. So when I seen these I was excited about the size, height and easy way to store items, while viewing the contents inside.

Features I love about the Milk Crates:

  • Color - Organize in color and keep track what is in each crate.
  • Size - Perfect for large and small items.
  • Stackable - I can easily stack these upon each other and have them not fall down.
  • Durable - Very well made, not going to fall apart easily

Craft Supplies Before => Disaster
Craft Supplies After => So Much Neater and Organized
Finally, if your looking for a new way to stack up your items, store them in a nice place or even use these for gardening, than this is a great deal. The sizes are excellent and the colors are also perfect!

I highly recommend these crates by Farmplast, LLC.

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