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ZhiZhu® iPega Bluetooth Gaming Controller for Android Smartphones And tablet PC

The ZhiZhu iPega Bluetooth Gaming Controller is terrific! One word that I happen to have said once I connected it with my Smart Phone. I just couldn't put it down, as I love video games and to get to play it with my small Smart Phone makes it so much easier to view the entire screen and not only work with the touchscreen. However, the fun didn't just stop there! I was able to use it with my Tablet, Bluetooth capability is so awesome!

I can now play my favorite new and old games with ease. All I need to do is pair it up and for my smartphone, I get to use the little attaching are to give it a more portable handheld game look and feel without having to play it from a distance.

My favorite parts of the ZhiZhu iPega Bluetooth Gaming Controller:
  • Style - The look of the handheld controller you can tell it's made for game playing. It is just so stylish and the keys are easy to understand as if your holding a regular game controller.
  • Bluetooth - you can play from a distance and on a variety of smart phones and tablets. Imagine if you enjoy playing your favorite game with this game controller on your Smart Phone than think about it on your 7"-10" tablet, bigger screen more fun!
  • Portable - you can travel and enjoy this in the car, at a friends house, and pretty much any place you'd like to play your games! It is so light weight and easy to pack with you, no matter where your traveling too!
  • Rechargeable - Unlike many controllers for game systems, this one will save you money by using the charging cord. No need for batteries, which will put a dent in your piggy bank if you had to change them often. I should know, my cousin has an Xbox 360 and he is always changing his batteries in the controller because he plays it nonstop! Thankfully, this device is portable and rechargeable, gotta love it!
So really all I can say is that, there is no flaws and I only had pleasure playing all my games with ease, thanks to the iPega Gaming Controller!

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