Monday, April 20

Winkine PU Leather Vintage Women Backpack - Fashion College School Travel Bag Handbag

Beautiful, first word out of my mouth! The Winkine PU Leather Vintage Women Backpack is not only for school girls, but I'd wear it for everyday adventures to the mall, grocery store, road trips to a museum or just about any place. The black is very gorgeous and detailed stitch work is just perfect, no flaws or loose strands.  The Gold compliments this bag while the design makes it not your typical black bag that everyone is going to be wearing.

Reasons I love this backpack by Winkine.
  • Material - the Pu Leather is still like leather, it has a soft feel and the price is more affordable. However, everyone will think it's more than under $40.
  • Small - Very nice as a hand bag and still I like it to hold my many things while out shopping and even can hold my devices and books. Even though it say's it's small the bag really can pack a lot of items with the many compartments. Plus, it's a handbag so it isn't really meant to be a giant bag.
  • Trendy - stylish and lovely with all fashion and styles you wear. I love it with all my bright clothes, dresses and casual wear.
  • Zipper - The pullies make it easy to unzip and zip right back up. No struggle or problems with closure.

So for a trendy nice bag, this is something I really do adore!
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