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UM Jewelry Women's and Men's Stainless Steel Classic Plain Huggie Small Hoop Earrings Hypoallergenic

No matter if your a woman or man, these Huggie earrings will fit you perfectly! The product by
UM Jewelry is just a perfect fit for my style, which at first I had may doubts on ever owning a pair of Hugging Small Hoop Earrings. However, I am extremely glad I decided to take the plunge and give them a try!

The style is simple and a nice small thick width to the little Huggie Hoops, as they do what the name entails, hug close and snug to the earlobe. I love that it gives me this nice fashionable color, since they come in blue, black, gold, and silver or you can choose the other choices are in two color options, but I always figure why not go for a variety so you can always match or find what fits your liking and give a few away.

Unfortunately I'm going to keep them all! That is just how much I really like these earrings. They are so cool and thanks to UM Jewelry for bringing them at a wonderful price and high quality Stainless Steel, I just wish I actually took the step along time ago and chose to buy a pair. Well, now I know never to wait too long because those curiosities never go away and once you actually try it, as I've found out it may just be right for you!

So yes, these are a bunch of charming pieces and the colors are excellent, as many I've seen done in silver or and black, but the blue is a bold vibrant hue and I'm glad to have the four choice option to choose from.

Excellent product!
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