Monday, April 13

Ugreen Active HDMI to VGA Flat Converter Cable

The Ugreen Active HDMI to VGA Flat Converter Cable is something I was really looking for because I really want to see my work I'm doing on my computer right on my to my Television.
It even allows me to view my favorite, photos and images I've downloaded to my computer to be viewed on my television. Now I have a larger view of the screen and it makes viewing presentations, photos and a bunch of other images at a nice clear view, just like it is seen on the original screen. 

I never really owned a HDMI to VGA Converter, also never used any VGA cord before as well. However, when I found out that it is meant to help view video output on another device, but unlike an HDMI cable which allows sound and video, you only can see an image.
So it is perfect for something that don't require sound or volume, as I'm using it for and it seems to fit perfectly for certain tasks I wanted to accomplish and present to others.

Few Reasons I find it to be a pretty good Cord:
  • The cord is very well constructed, flat and flexible - less chance of it to break or get ruined, you can even wrap it up and store it safely.
  • Variety of Devices - You can use it on a variety of your devices to view on another.
  • Built to last - this isn't something that will break or fall apart very easily. I love the structure and it doesn't fall apart on any side of either the VGA or HDMI.
I really think its a very well made product for viewing one image from a device to another. 

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